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Monday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 14-June-2004  04:27:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

BleedinEdge have a guide to enable DDR533 on an ASUS P4C800E. They also have an editorial about how We Aren't A Niche Market Anymore.

TweakTown compared ATI Catalyst drivers version 4.5 vs 4.6 in terms of performance.

Aquasesh spotted this tasty new hard drive from Sony. Some other funny stories on that site too.

Koopz says this is a nice DX9 demo stresstest for video cards.

From captainpotato: Here's a bit of Amiga-related news. There is an update on the status of AmigaOS 4, which is now at pre-release stage, available here.

SysOpt have a DDR2 Q&A with an OCZ technical person.

Short-Media have an article about buying into High Definition television technology. My 8 year old Sony 68cm TV is starting to behave oddly, so maybe a widescreen plasma unit is in my future.. I just have to win the lottery first.

Is Dan. Is letters.

PC-Perspective have coverage of ABIT's ACON4 gaming event in Shanghai, as well as their Computex article. HWZ have part 8 of their Computex coverage posted.

Chris noticed this article about turning your PC into a Mac.. from the desktop perspective anyway. You might want to disable all those confusing extra mouse buttons, too. If you have a real Mac G4 but it runs too hot and loud, AppleTalk have a cooling mod.

CoolerMaster are giving away 10 PSUs in a contest that ends in a few days.

A timewaster from DDsD: Play Beastie Boys Frogger. Help the Beastie Boys get across the road to the political protest rally, Look out! The Tyranny of the Bush regime won't make it easy!?

captainpotato has a timewaster too: most of us love old arcade machines, but with a colour printer, a pair of scissors and some glue, one can build a whole range of them that can stand on top of one's PC tower (just like I have done...) They are available here.

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