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Catchin' Up (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 13-March-2000  12:06:08 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ok, buncha stuff to be posted. In the future I might do 1 item per post. Dunno.

Seagate are shipping 15,000rpm drives, info here. How's this sound - 4MB cache, with the option of 16MB!

Ars-Technica have updated their Recommended Systems Guide. Not sure I agree with them completely, but it's an interesting read.

TweakTown have some info on the microsoft X-Box here. They have their own proper domain now, too.

OverclockersWorkbench have reviewed the MSI 6192, an i820 board with rambus.

FiringSquad have a review showing a VIA Apollo Pro 133A board stomping a BX board in Quake3, very interesting.

InsaneHardware have an interesting thingy up, a registry hack that is supposed to increase your modem speed by tweaking the windows IP stack to allow more streams. Dunno if it works or not, someone let me know. :) It's on their main page, scroll down a little.

NVidia have "leaked" some 5.08 drivers. These are apparently alpha stage, but seem quite a bit quicker than the 3.xx family of drivers. Lotsa info out there, some here on NVNews, also a 2 parter on FiringSquad, Part 1 and Part 2.. FastMHz also have some benchmarks here

This guy in adelaide has a very silly computer, it's a combination fishtank and case.. (bizarre)

Some water-cooling stuff here. The guy's name is Bill Lowrey.. name kinda rings a bell.. isn't he somebody famous in Oz?

This may be completely out there, but apparently someone has gotten a Coppermine working on a BP6. Not much info, but what there is is here. Thanks to FireMaster for the info.

Can't remember if I posted this already or not, but it's a classic. Someone has put up a really well-done Microsoft parody page. Check it out here and follow the links etc.. hehehe!

I discovered this the other day - you may be interested. It's the Australian branch of 2600.org, the hacker/crypto/etc group. Some interesting stuff. 2600.org.au

Some Japanese guys have ripped open their PlayStation2 to show us what it looks like inside.

Interesting temperature monitoring stuff here.

UnlimitedHardware have been quiet for a while but they have some stuff there now on H.Oda's WCPUA2, which lets you change L2 cache settings on your Athlon. Apparently there's a Win2K issue in the current version, UnlimitedHardware have a fixed executable on their site. (There may be a new version on H-Oda.com by now, dunno.)

Finally, IXBT have an interesting Willamette preview article up here. They don't reckon it'll be any faster than Coppermine or Athlon at the same speed. Hmm..

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