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Monday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 20-March-2000  10:42:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wow, did anyone watch the motorcycle GP last night? I'm not going to spoil it for those who recorded it and haven't seen it yet, but WOW! What a nail-biter of a finish.

Anyway, on with the news. Forum regulars will have seen the amount of P3V4X-related traffic lately. It seems to be a hit with Australian tweakers - at the request of Beast I have created a new forum for discussion of this motherboard. He has a site up to centralize info on the board too, here.

I see on slashdot that some clever people have made a 10GB hard disk from a roll of sticky tape. No, I'm not kidding. :)

If you've got AUD$2900 just lying around the house, you could always buy an Athlon 1GHz from TerabytePC, an Aussie company that claims to have them in stock. They also have the 700MHz part for AUD$549.00, and RAMBUS. I've never dealt with them so caveat emptor!

JSI Hardware have a review of Globalwin's 802 case up.

HardwareNewsNet have a new search engine, Crawler, which is only for hardware reviews etc. Just as a quick test I typed in "Water" and got a bunch of links, including a few to this site, so it seems fairly well populated..

JC's PC News has info on the Evergreen AccelleraPCI, a pci-pluggable CPU card for old PC's.. (but not so old that they don't have a PCI slot, presumably)

For those of you who have no arms or a pathological fear of soldering irons and therefore can't perform this piss-easy Promise66 hack, InsaneHardware is willing to do it for you and only charge you a few shekels. Hmm.

FrostyTech take a look at a Sony 40X cd-rom. Be warned, they start the review with "The cornerstone of any good system is the CD-ROM drive" so they may be raving crack-heads. I just thought you should know.

Interesting roundup of the month's happenings in hardware on iXBT. I'm impressed with these Russian guys, their english isn't always great (but much better than my Russian, da) but they're usually very thorough and honest.

Buncha Japanese links now, so just look at the pictures. This kinda sums up the 1GHz race, 1GHz Athlons are just now hitting the markets in Japan - so are 850MHz P3 systems. :) Also, the K6-2/550 is on the streets there.

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