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Friday Stuff (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 24-March-2000  16:52:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ok, been doing lots of stuff over the last few days, meeting with people etc. Suffice to say there's going to be a lot happening with this site in the future. Thanks to all you guys for being interested and turning this into a community instead of yet another crappy hardware website. Anyway, on with the news..

ArsTechnica have an interesting rambling article about the state of the hardware scene at the moment.

TweakTown check out a Slot Cooler, they give it 6 out of 10.. hmm.

Interesting-looking water-jacket here. I dunno, but the idea of fins on top of a water-jacket seems kinda counterproductive to me, especially if you're going to be using fluid below room temperature. I guess the theory is that it will radiate a bit of heat into the air, but you'd have to be careful that it wasn't COOLING the air, too.. depending on your setup, I guess.

The Tech Report have updated their Athlon Overclocking FAQ .. some good info there.

Ever wondered how monitors work? FiringSquad will set you right..

Simple Technology have announced their 1GHz-compliant RAMBUS chips. The scariest thing is that they really think people will pay these prices..

ArsTechnica also have a thing up about Dynamo, that gets your whites brighter but won't fade your dark wash! Errr.. no, it's another code-morphing processor, like Transmeta's Crusoe, made by HP.

Your iMac not looking weird enough for you? Well, slap one of these onto your desk. Dig the vertical open-front CD-ROM drive..

Who makes a motherboard with 3 ISA slots these days? DFI do. I dunno, an extra PCI slot or 2 sounds more useful, given it's only got 4..

Funny interview with Dan from Dan's Data, one of my favourite sites (an Aussie one, too) .. here.

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