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Saturday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 25-March-2000  09:12:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I was quite surprised to see AnandTech reviewing the Senfu water-cooling unit this morning. They don't put a peltier under it but it's an interesting read. Keep an eye out for my own review soonish.

The P3V4X forum is going pretty well, nearly 200 messages in 3 or 4 days - if you've been experimenting with your Asus P3V4X (or are just confused by it) check it out and share your experiences, the end result from all this should be a decent FAQ..

Dan reviewed an evil device last night, a keyboard that, in hardware, can secretly record everything you type.. up to 500,000 characters!

Scroll down the page a bit here and you'll see that Abit have announced their KX133-based Athlon board.. using the 686A south-bridge (good), 4 DIMM slots, 6 PCI, 4 USB - and SoftMenu III, giving you 100-183MHz FSB in 1-MHz increments.. on an Athlon board! Wow. I wonder if this'll be stable above 115, no other Athlon board seems to be. The big surprise for me is that Abit didn't include a GFD with it. I was sure they'd have a little ribbon-cable-connected device so you could change the settings in the BIOS. Ahh well..

FirztPerson has a rant about the 3-tube, finned water-jacket from yesterday's news here.

Well, now that 3COM have dropped their modem market, that means the end of the USRobotics name. Jim Baker pointed out this article with some more details. Their Courier modem was a very impressive unit, The Modem To Have for a fair while. I remember back in the BBS days when a friend got a USRobotics Dual Standard HST .. 19.2k of blistering data-pumping power, presuming you knew someone else who had an HST modem.. :) Sad to see the brand die.

Japanese news, the Athlon 900 and 950 are now on sale in Akiba, that holy city of high technology. Intel have countered by making their 866MHz P3 available. Hmm. :)

Guru3D reviewed the Gigabyte GA-GF256, GigaByte's SDR GeForce board, and found it to be relatively unexciting and probably a little late to market..

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