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Abit KA7 (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 26-March-2000  08:08:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Well, the rumours are flying thick and fast about Abit's KA7, their new Athlon board. Abit's official page for it is here. OCWorkbench have a larger picture of it here (scroll down a little). Check out the acres of room in front of the SlotA connector! Alright. Note also the 2 extra (but unused) IDE header spaces on the PCB, rumour #1 is that they will be a future built-in ATA-100 adapter (as the KX133 chipset supports UDMA/66 already). Rumour #2 is about the possibility of a built-in GFD for changing your Athlon's multiplier and voltage, and even a hardware L2 cache adjuster. James Andrewartha had this to say:

Apparently when Abit announced the board, all the oveclockers asked if it had built in golden fingers, L2 cache control in BIOS etc. They didn't, so apparently they'll release another board in a month's time or so, with a built in GFD, and hopefully L2 cache divider control. This is all rumour of course, more details can be found at slota.com.

I can't find the info at SlotA.com, but anyway.. interesting to see what happens with this.

UPDATE: Now I'm awake, I noticed this big preview article at Sharky's. This confirms the ATA-100 rumour but makes no mention of the GFD rumour. However they mention a funky little diagnostic LED thing that comes with it. Also, it apparently has monster tweakability in the BIOS.. hopefully also a "Set Turbo Defaults" option for lazy people like me.

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