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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 28-March-2000  21:52:53 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Another day at the track tomorrow, this time at Eastern Creek. This is mostly left-handers (which I'm better at than right-handers) so hopefully I'll be a bit quicker. :)

Thresh has done a thing on overclocking the P3-600E. Their example doesn't seem to be hitting any higher core speeds than the 550E's, and it has a higher multiplier so lower FSB (memory/pci/agp speed) and, of course, it's more expensive. The new king is not dead yet. :)

There's an interview with some guy from Aureal here. Kinda funny, the interview is cut short suddenly because Aureal announced that everyone had resigned and suddenly the "no comment" sign went up. :)

Dan the man has done a 3-way comparo of LCD screens here. I've got a 15" LCD unit from Acer here at the moment, still checking it out.. yeah, I can see myself needing a good couple of months to check this out properly.. maybe a year. :) There's no doubt about it, they are damned nice to look at compared to a CRT. Anyway, Dan's review is chockers with info as usual.

Thresh has a preview of Abit's KA7 (new athlon board) here. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those..

I found a roundup of what people are buying at the moment, from a salesperson's perspective. Slot1 P3-550E's and P3V4X's are the winning combo apparently. More info here - it's from a Canadian I think, but still interesting.

Hey, has anyone bought anything from these Illusion guys? Seems to be an Australian second-hand hardware auction site.. never heard of them before, stumbled across it. Anyone had any experience with 'em?

Finally, I've had enough of Zip dicking me around. This time they misconfigured something and broke a stack of my domains, and they're now telling me it'll take them 10 days to fix it. Riiiight. So I'll be moving all my hosting to another provider soonish, most likely vservers.com in the US. It'll still be the same domain and all, so you won't notice the change hopefully, it should even be faster with a bit of luck.

So, I need a new ISP too. Flat rate unlimited hours dialup, no download limits, no BUSY tones, I don't need webspace, gotta be speedy. Got any suggestions? Please reply in this thread in the Pub. Thanks!

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