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Thursday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 30-March-2000  09:23:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ow, I ache all over again. :) Yesterday was fun, Eastern Creek is a much, much nicer racetrack than Oran Park. 240Km/h down the straight, back off (but don't actually roll off the throttle) and tip into turn 1, toe skimming the asphalt, doing about 160km/h exiting the turn.. what an amazing experience. There was a photographer there too, so I might have some cool photos soon.

Looks like Intel's NDA for the new coppermine Celeron II has lifted, check out the reviews here on Anandtech and here on HardwareCentral. Intel's press-release is here.

FiringSquad have an article up, "The Basics of Overclocking" - I haven't read it all yet but it seems to be quite detailed, might be some good info there.

Chris from TerabytePC wrote in to say he has a special offer on the 1GHz Athlon for OcAust readers, if you're itchin' for some gigahertz action you can have it for AUD$2749, this is $150 off their normal price. Still a mighty big wad of cash, though. :) They also have the Ultra66 card for $55 and Guillemot DDR/DVI's for $530.

Speaking of the 1GHz mark, there's a preview of the new Dell 1GHz P3 box here.

Remember the Detonator 5.08 drivers that [a] were "leaked" and offered substantially improved performance? Well, now version 5.13 has been "leaked".. I suspect this may be nvidia's new distribution method. :) These drivers now support Full Screen Anti-Aliasing in D3D. More info here (scroll down the page a little).

A review of a budget GeForce here, the Powercolor Sniper 2. UPDATE: Damn, it's a TNT2 card, not a GeForce. Whoops!

Interesting article here on AMD's chairman, it's mostly propaganda but tells an interesting tale.. they make a reference to the "Pentium Plus" though.. I think they mean Pro.

Saw a new Aussie site dedicated to Unreal - www.OzUnreal.com - check out the "CaptureTheKitchen" map! :)

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