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Saturday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 1-April-2000  10:59:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AMDExtreme.com have a very impressive 11-way GFD roundup posted. If you only read one (besides mine of course (cough)) then read this one.

Feel like bragging about your system config? This site is aiming to be a database of people's setups. My setups change almost daily so not much point me sending mine in..

My brain isn't quite up to processing this yet but ArsTechnica have written an in-depth analysis of the Emotion engine, which drives Sony's Playstation2.

Interesting look at some sound-dampening foam here. Hopefully it doesn't smell as bad as DynaMat does..

Dan has reviewed a cheapo GeForce here. This one really is a GeForce, and it's available in Oz, too.

Tech-extreme have a video buyers guide up here.

A review of the IWill SlocketII here.

A couple of sneak peeks on TechExtreme - Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and Netscape 6.01 - a leaked copy available for download, with a review. Hope it's more stable than 4.7..

This is interesting. A dual slot1 motherboard using VIA's Apollo Pro 133A chipset. A couple of P3-550E's cranked on that could be fun. Looks like 133MHz is the highest FSB it supports, though.. :(
Actually, I stand corrected - it says "Support overclocking 150FSB or higher" .. woo!

A FC-PGA cooler shootout here. Hmm, Alpha's 2 most kickass products against a wimpy cheapo GlobalWin.. I wonder who's going to win? Should've at least thrown the FKP-32 in there.

Another FC-PGA Alpha review here.

A 10X Pioneer DVD-ROM drive is reviewed here. These have been the drives to have for a while now, I think.. speaking of DVD's, the rumour is that Sony have bought up zillions of parts for their Playstation2's and the market is starved for components now.. maybe just a rumour. :)

Listen to your MP3's anywhere in the house with this FM-radio transmitter, hook it to your PC, tune in the radio elsewhere and away you go.. cool!

Finally, this is one of the funniest game reviews I've read in ages. They really hate it. :)

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