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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-April-2000  20:30:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Interesting article here on direct water-cooling rather than using a jacket.

A few people sent this in, a dual FC-PGA motherboard here (japanese text, but good pics). Apollo Pro 133A of course. I want to see more dual Slot1 boards with Apollo Pro 133A, stick a couple of these 825-capable 550E's on it.. mmmm.

ClubOverclocker have taken a look at the Alpha FC-PAL35 FCPGA cooler. Typical Alpha quality and has little feet to keep it centred over the coppermine slug.

I screwed up the link this morning to the case-modification page, it's actually here. Not a bad job either - he's done a few things to his HX-08 that I've done to mine. Must get that article finished and posted someday..

This is kinda double-dipping, but FiringSquad have expanded their 600E overclocking article to include results on the Asus P3V4X.

This is another of those technologies that might be used for something useful in the future. IBM say it'll help them build .13 micron chips.. info here.

A new review of the Asus P3V4X is here. Their review is fairly light on detail but they do show a stomping memory benchmark.

Our own P3V4X forum is going wild, the stats tell me it's had an average of 41.1 messages per day since it came up. Lots of good info in there.

The same site has a review of the FC-PGA Celly2-533. Again, they hit 800 (8x100) with it. The CPU benchmark shows it being a poofteenth faster than the P3 550E at 803 - of course the higher memory speed of the P3 blows it away, but try using that P3 at that speed on a BX board. The new Cellies are looking tasty for sure.

TechReport have expanded their GFD roundup to include 2 more units.

That reminds me, Eyo are to become the sole distributor for the Northwind GFD 2.0 in Aus. This gives us another local option (the other being the NinjaMicro FreeSpeed Pro from PC-Index). Both good cards, to compare them read our roundup here.

ExtremeOC have a review of the new Abit Apollo Pro 133A board, the VT6X4, here. I remain unimpressed with the 150MHz max FSB. I have 2 P3-550E's here that are capable of maxing my Soyo out at 155FSB (well, if my ram didn't keep crapping out they would).

About a zillion people have sent me this thing about the Australian Gas-Out so I guess I should post it. Read it, decide what you think and do what you like. I buy petrol so rarely I'll miss those days anyway. I don't like to get involved in this political stuff but I also don't like paying $1/litre (the bike uses Premium Unleaded). However, I also think that people should use less petrol anyway and making it expensive is one way to force that. Anyway, I offer only information. Flaming opinionated emails about this will be cheefully deleted.

Have a good nite guys. :)

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