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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 4-April-2000  19:29:57 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Got booked for speeding on the way to work today, bugger. Only 5 points left now. :)

BXBoards have reviewed the AOpen AX64Pro.. which isn't a BX board. They find it not too stable and and a little slow.

Andrew pointed out an interesting thing today, this upgrade that lets Pentium Pro (in Intel's long-forgotten bastard child, the socket8) systems take Mendocino (classic) Celerons. You can even run 2 cellies in a dual socket8 system. My guess is the quad boards won't work. :) There's supposed to be a review here on HardwareCentral but it looks like their DB is broken.

CPUReview have a guide to picking the right PC. Just the thing for those annoying relatives and co-workers.. "Ask James, he's into computer whatsits.."

A couple of people pointed out this link which says the Gas Out thing is not true. Well, I'm not sure what makes that website more of an authority than >20 people sending me the same email. If enough people do it these things can be self-fulfilling. I don't really care either way. :)

FrostyTech have a thing on modifying your slocket so it can physically fit a coppermine on..

That bastian of factual reporting, the WeeklyWorldNews, has an article up about a virus that can make your CPU explode and kill you. Riiiiiight. Actually, I remember back in the amiga days, the story of one WareZ group taking out another by sending them a floppy which contained touchpowder so their Amiga500 burst into flames when trying to boot off it. Probably another urban myth. :)

Microsoft lost. Nerr nerr. Proof that money doesn't always buy a legal victory in the US. We'll have to see what happens if Bill stabs his wife.

Cirrus Logic (you remember, think crap video cards) have revealed their new CD-RW controller chip, capable of running a drive up to 16X write and 48X read. Pretty impressive, details here.

iXBT have reviewed the rev B of Leadtech's DDR GeForce card. Fairly stonking speed, mega-chunky stock heatsink.

Major cooler roundup here.. a bunch of different types, tested synthetically so you can see how they compare across mounting styles/chips etc.. not read it yet but seems good.

TweakTown have updated their Modem Tweaking guide..

OCUK review the new Soltek KX133 (Athlon) board here..

HardOCP have checked out the Siluro, the new GeForce board from Abit.

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