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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-April-2000  19:36:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Buncha stuff to put up before the X-Files comes on. BTW, is anyone else really sick of the whole alien conspiracy thing and just wishes they'd go back to the 1-story episodes? Bring back fluke-man and the computer that subliminally tells people to kill. Ahh well.

This is very cool. Australian National University is building a 192-processor Beowulf cluster using P3-550's. Although they don't mention it on the site, Chris let me know he's seen loads of P3-550E boxes lying around there, so they may well all be coppermines. Does this explain the current shortage? Regardless, it'd be a monster system.. shame they're not overclocking it. :( They rate it at 158.4 Gigaflops!

This is also very cool. ConundruM pointed it out in the forums, a great phase-change cooled system. Well researched, fantastic construction and great results (2x P3-700E at 1008MHz..) - go drool here.

Jim Noonan sent in some info on his further adventures with Athlon overclocking, check it out here.

Running low on memory? Jim from Realtime Systems let me know that Corsair have released a 512MB PC133 CAS3 stick. RRP is AUD$2,235. What a bargain! Form an orderly queue at the cash register.

TechExtreme seem to be doing a lot of waffly "this is what I think" articles lately.. here's another one about "The Perfect System"..

Jim Noonan also posted a bit more info about his experiences with the Promise hack here in the forums. Might be helpful if you're suffering lockups too.

Some mind-wobbling physics stuff here on arstechnica. Nanotechnology, quantum dots etc..

A thing on (fairly) cheaply upgrading your old AT machine here on CPU-Burn. Site seems really slow for me.

Beta Win2K drivers for Voodoo 3500TV out, info here.

A thing on torturing felines here. What's that old saying, 2 mallets and a sackful of kittens is an afternoon's entertainment? Actually, I'm a real cat lover, honest. My mangy old diabetic moggy is sitting on my lap right now, purring away as per usual.. and the article's about cutting CAT-5 cabling.. ooohh..

P3V4X guys will be interested in this - see if you can work out why this guy's P3V4X has such a kickass memory score. Then do it to your system. :) I posted it to the P3V4X forum here too, maybe someone there can shed some light..

Silly thing here an interview with the AskJeeves search engine.. pretty funny in parts, there's even an Australian reference. :)

Anandtech have some things up, a PC133 RAM Roundup and a review of the Asus K7V Athlon mobo. I just got one here for review actually.. y'know, Anand claims authorship of those two articles, released a day apart. Further proof that That Boy Is Not Human.

Arstechnica have taken a look at the Abit VT6X4 mobo. I've not been too impressed with what I've seen of that board, not quite up to Abit's usual standard.. they seem to like it, though. The 150MHz max FSB makes it a non-starter for me.

Remember ages ago I was going on about the possibility of giving out YOU@overclockers.com.au emails? It's getting closer to reality but with a slight change, join the discussion here to have your say.

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