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Sunday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-April-2000  17:01:23 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Only overclockin.com could come up with this method to cool your beer cans.. (shakes head) now, something to keep your Vodka at near-zero would be much more useful. :)

Another quality article from iXBT, this time comparing the 3 big P3 chipsets at the moment, i820, Apollo Pro 133A and the venerable (but seemingly unstoppable) BX. Lots of benchmarks and interesting info.

There's a review of the coolchip waterblock here. Unfortunately their review unit had a leak.. eeerrgh.

A review of the new Abit Slotket!!! here. They really like it.

ClubOverclocker take a look at the 256MB Micron PC133 stick.. hmm, they seem to be giving out a lot of those 10/10 gold stars lately..

Gainward (who?) have released an Apollo Pro 133A motherboard. Feature-wise it seems fairly standard..

PCCritix take a look at the Tyan Trinity 400, another Apollo Pro 133A board. Another one that maxes out at 150MHz FSB. Anyone know of any that go higher? Even my old Soyo (non-A chipset) makes it to 155.

If you're thinking of buying from OverclockersHideout you might want to read this thread in the forums first. I don't like lynchings but I've emailed the owner (Outlaw) twice about this, even sent the URL to the forum thread and despite his emailing me to announce some new product (which I did not announce) he has not addressed the issue of this very dissatisfied customer.. in the absence of a rebuttal from him, I guess you'll have to make up your own mind.

A review of the Razor Boomslang here. They like it. Everyone seems to. :)

TweakMax try to take a coppermine 600E to 800MHz here.

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