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Toosday Night #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 18-April-2000  20:31:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NSW-based LAN-players, there's a LAN day coming up at UNSW Kensington. Full details here.

The Senfu review from yesterday attracted quite a bit of interest. A few people let me know that you can get them from Plycon in the USA and ColdTech in Germany.

There's a comparison here of a couple of quite serious-looking PC speaker setups.. I've still got the crappy ones that came with my 6X CD-ROM and ISA SB32.. :)

Tweaktown have reviewed the SexyMouse! Comes with a free SexyPad. :)

Another mouse reviewed here. This one doesn't have breasts, though. It also doesn't have a cord!

Kyle over at the HardOCP has managed to get his hands on a Voodoo5-5500 AGP. Bah, that's nothing compared to our in-house Voodoo5 9000 AGP! :)

Remember how Intel said the FC-PGA P3-1GHz wouldn't work for SMP? Well, HardwareCentral have proven them dead wrong, and have (fast!) benchmarks to prove it. Sandra CPU score of 5394.. egad.

HotHardware took a P3-800EB and cranked it all the way up to.. [checks email again] ..err, 900MHz. Shoulda picked the E not the EB, guys. :)

Another cool MP3 box to put in your hi-fi. This one is cooler than normal, though, in that it uses an IDE HDD inside, you can rip it out and put in a 30GB unit if you like.. mmmm.

Electic.com sends word that Samsung have proven their .10 micron fab process works..

Also, an annoying press-release full of weak puns is Microsoft's way of announcing their new IntelliEye-based Trackballs. Cringe here.

PCInsight have a review of a cheapy IDE RAID card from IWill. Not quite as cheap as doing this, o'course..

I saw this on Slashdot first, but a couple of people have sent it to me now. It calls for open-source benchmarking software so everyone knows what it's really doing. It's a TomsHardware article so takes 6 pages to get to the point.

Oh, another thing I saw on slashdot is this History of Computing thing.. lengthy but interesting..

Too much news today, my brain is starting to go numb..

FiringSquad have a comparo of lots of different motherboard chipsets here.

Stuck in the 80's? Remember the mullet? Here's a site to bring those nauseating memories rushing back. I was at a course the other day, there was a guy there with a mega-mullet, truly awe-inspiring. BTW there is some Adult Content (with clear warnings) on that site so you might want to send the wife and kids out for some pizza or something before clicking.

Keep sending in your funny pics.. :)

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