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Thursday afternoon. (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 20-April-2000  14:36:55 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hope I've got time to do them all this afternoon before I go home. Being the public service I've found that lots of people have either gone home for a half day or taken the full day as a flexi on this last day before Easter. I'm only a contractor so I can't take flexis :( Anyway the good thing about this is less IT problems to deal with, and more time to post news :)

Technology at an Extreme (gimme another pepsimax) has informed me that AMD have dropped their Athlon prices again. Gotta love CPU competition. More details here. The same guys also show you how to share your internet connection. They also review the Creative 8x DVD drive with the Dxr3 decoder card here.

Now seems to be the time of cheapie hard drive companies churning out something decent. Recently we had Maxtor putting up a high-end drive, and now Fujitsu have done the same. Electic have a review of the new 10.2Gb platter Fujitsu drives here.Unfortunately they only go up to 20Gb. Doesn't really cut it IMO. But the "silent" drive technology is a definite plus. I also notice on the same page reference to mobile K6-III .18 micron processors.

iXBT Labs has posted an article devoted to the memory technology of the near future - DDR SDRAM.

Want a free Athlon GFD overclocking card? Enter this contest. Thanks to Overclockin.

Another Senfu review is here. "Senfu" reminds me more of a type of bean curd than a water cooler, I dunno. Thanks to Danny of Overclockers Paradise (no URL given, no time to look for it, sorry Danny!)

Want to plug your computer into a LAN but don't have a free expansion slot? Or maybe you just can't be arsed pulling your computer apart and rebooting. Maybe you need a USB LAN connector. A review of one is here. Thanks to Chris at DocHardware.

Globalwin FEP32 Mod, a clip:
"The Globalwin FEP32 is no stranger to overclockers. But as we all know it's not the best cooler out there. So what do we owners of FEP32 do ? Change to another cooler ? No way, do yourself a favour and change that small puny fan to something better like say a 80 mm fan. Now how about Celeron 366 @ 616 Mhz using this modified cooler !" Check the article out here, thanks to Hardware Corner.

TweakTown has taken a look at the Alpha PEP66u HSF Kit.

Here is an Exhaustive Performance Analysis of Intelís 840+RDRAM vs Micronís DDR Reference Platform. Read it to find out who wins, but as far as price is concerned I'm sure the DDR RAM has got to have the edge.

Tweakmax have an article on a DYI water cooling setup.

Fast-Mhz takes a look at Cable vs. DSL.

Komson overclocked his Athlon 500 to 994. If you want to know how he did it, have a look here.

Anyway guys, that's it for today, there were a couple of humorous links in the batch which I just don't have time to look at or post this afternoon. I'm getting an early mark today because I worked back an hour yesterday, so I'm off for a 5 day unpaid holiday in exactly 10 minutes. I might see some of you at the Kensington LAN, if the other one I'm going to at fatboy's place is boring enough :) Catchyas later.

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