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Monday Night - I'm baaaaaack.. (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 24-April-2000  19:45:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Urgh, nearly 300 new emails. Thanks guys. :) Thanks to Jim for helping out as best he could in my absence. Also, expect some news postage from another guy, YYK, soon. He's not a total hardware freak but will be posting stuff you guys might find interesting anyways. If not, feel free to flame his newbie ass off. :)

Buncha news to post tonight, as you'd expect. I'll start with the new stuff then work my way back to the old stuff. I got a bit wasted on the plane (free alcohol is a terrible thing) so I'm dead tired now.. excuse any oddness in my postage.

I have wanted one of these for freakin' ages. Very cool laser-temp-sensor thingy.

The same guys also have a nice BP6 super-cooling project up. I like to read these because they always give me more excuses for doing anything extreme with my own BP6. :)

TweakMax have an article on using a separate PSU for your peltiers etc..

Most people like 'em tiny rather than large, and so do I. GFD's, that is.. this one is titchy indeed, the smallest GFD I think I've seen, actually.

FiringSquad have a preview of the Voodoo5 5500 here. They make the observation that, while this unit may hold it's own against the GeForce, the GeForce's big brother is going to spoil the party Real Soon Now..

Interesting article here on Tech-Junkie (another Aussie site) about flashing your nvidia-based video card with a new BIOS. Hmm!

I thought Jai was never going to get around to writing a new article, but he's done a 4-way PC133 memory comparo here. Atta boy!

There's a review of a 6.4GB HDD here. No, I'm not having flashbacks to '98, this drive was made in 2000 and is pretty snappy apparently. Shame it's so danged small.

Can anyone see what's wrong with this idea? They honestly expect a Globalwin CPM25603-32 to keep 2 peltiers cool. Err, right. Roasty-toasty time, I suspect..

Won another web award thingy, from these people this time. They reckon this is one of the top 100 sites in the world.. who am I to argue. :)

More in a bit, food now.

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