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Monday Night #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 24-April-2000  22:07:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

BXBoards have checked out the MSI 6301. This is an i820 board which uses DIMMS, hence has a Memory Translator Hub, hence blows hot salty chunks performance-wise.

Very nice water-jacket here, from Swiftech, who've been making serious peltier gear for a while now.

Tom Leufken dropped me a note to say he's selling the last bunch of his GFD Athlon overclocking cards for USD$25. Shipping to Oz is USD$4. The site is here. I've not seen that unit up-close, but there's a review of it here.

Another review of the Abit KA7 here, this time by FiringSquad.

Interesting home-made water-jacket here - all made from really basic hardware-shop stuff..

PCExtremes have been dicking around with the nvidia 5.14 drivers too.

A review of a Samsung 17" flat-screen CRT monitor here.

A quick tweaking article here. A celly300 beating an Athlon650 is not a bad effort.

iXBT have reviewed Epox's new Apollo Pro 133A mobo, the EP-6VBA2, here.

Aussie site TweakTown have a Win2K Modem Tweaking Guide here.

Power corrupts. Dirty power corrupts your HDD. :) AMDXtreme reviewed an APC UPS unit (that probably works for Intel chips too)..

Another GeForce review here, this time the MSI 3D AGPhantom..

FiringSquad check out the Celly2-600 for overclocking here.

ArsTechnica have a video-card roundup here, comparing the Viper2 and Rage Fury Maxx with some nvidia offerings.

Urgh, that's enough, deleting the rest and going to bed.. :)

But I'll finish on an Easter theme. Hope you guys all had a good one!

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