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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 26-April-2000  22:44:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Jim's reviewed a couple more GFD's, so I added them to the comparo. The new ones are the Hypascend Paradox and the OutsideLoop Afterburner. You can read the whole (updated) article here if you missed it before.

Been an awful lot happening in the world of video chipsets over the last few days. Here's a preview on ExtremeHW of the NV15, AKA GeForce2.. here's another one on FiringSquad and another over on iXBT.. and another on HotHardware .. SharkyShark and the funky bunch have one too .. and Anand couldn't be left out, of course.. Kyle also has an opinion on it (unusual, I know :) )

iXBT have also put up a preview of ATI's new chipset, called Radeon for some reason. So have FiringSquad. So did Anand. So does HardwareCentral.. :)

Matrox announced their G450 video card, too. The TechReport has a copy of the press-releasse.. can't load that site at the moment, hmm.

BTW, wondered what EMBM is? Apparently it's a technology for making things look fuzzy and wobbly. Err, great. If you don't have a compatible video card, you could drink a bottle of tequila for a similar effect.

Couple of water-pumpy things on overclockers.com - firstly a 6-way water-pump comparison and then a look at an in-line pump vs submersible.

ArsTechnica have an interesting comparison of the Playstation2 (get your rocket-launcher ready) and the PC.

This is an incredibly frustrating puzzle thing that Jim passed along to me. I think the solution is probably really simple, you either see it straight away or you don't. I don't. :)

BXBoards (gotta change the name, guys) have checked out the Tyan Trinity K7 mobo. It's a KX133-based unit for yer Athlon.

US prices, but this page shows how much cheaper the Athlon is than the P3.

NeoSeeker have reviewed a laptop cooler. 8CFM is pretty woosy. Hmm.

PCExtreme took a look at the CardCooler. I checked it out here a little while ago, not too nasty a unit.

TweakTown reviewed the Ultimate HDD Cooler.. my review here for comparison.

Ever wondered what would happen if you lapped a coppermine too far? Here's someone who knows.

Saw on HardOCP that the new Winzip is out, get it here. I wonder if it's the Phil Katz memorial edition?

That's it for tonight. I'll end the news with a gratuitous beaver shot:

Looks kinda fake to me. Ahh well. :)

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