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New UBB Forums TEST (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-May-2000  14:55:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ok, I've got a test UBB working. At the moment I've done no customization, it's all standard colours and layout etc. I'd appreciate if people can go test it out:


Thanks. At the moment I'm mostly interested in:

- Error messages (500 errors etc)
- Odd behaviour, like your messages not appearing after posting (after posting, if you hit the "I don't want to wait" link you may need to refresh your page to see the new msgs, this is a UBB thing so normal).
- SPEED! Let me know if it's slow or whatever. This is the server the whole site is going to move to, so if it's slow the time to complain is NOW.
- I know the email features aren't working at the moment. I'm looking into it.

I'm also interested in people's suggestions for forums. I've currently got the forum structure the same as the current Phorum ones, but this will change if people have better ideas. Or just suggest an additional forum or something.

Finally, it's conceivable that all messages may be erased from this test system at some point (I'm not planning to, but if there's a major structure change etc, it might be required) but I will make every attempt to retain the members database. So, if you really want to reserve your current username in the new system, now is the time to go register it. Registration is not required for posting, though.

That URL again: http://www.nightmachines.net/cgi-bin/oc/ubb/Ultimate.cgi

Your comments are welcome in this current forum thread.

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