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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 30-May-2000  23:21:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Whoops, broken link yesterday to VRZone's C2-566 at 966ish.. the correct on is here, thanks Ben.

OCWorkbench has reviewed the Asus P3V4X Slot1 Apollo Pro 133A motherboard.. lots of people out there with a real love-hate relationship with that board. :)

Overclockin.com reassures us they're not dead, they've just been resting. To prove it, they offer this review of a Mosel Vitalic CAS2 PC133 128Mb memory stick.. impressive speeds reached. Those memory markings are the same on my PC100 "mystery stick" I picked up in Bangkok a few months ago.. (yes, that was all I picked up in Bangkok, thankyou) .. now I know who made it.

Neoseeker manage to squeeze 6 pages out of a socket370 cooler review. Well done, lads. It's the RDJD K601.

OCManila have reviewed the Globalwin FKP-32. Smaller than many, cooler than many.

Once you've gotten sick of aircooling, you look at liquidcooling. When that gets boring, you look at vapour cooling. What after that? Well, you find ways to overclock your vapour-cooler..

Dan's a man who's not afraid to crank his Celeron in public.

PCHardwareRomania have reviewed the Transcend AWE1 mobo. It's slot1, Intel 810-E chipset.

EuroGamer explore some theories about why the CeleronII is slower than the PIII. Is it just the smaller L2 cache?

Magic torch, little white dog and now trainwrecker. What is the story here? At least extremehotfasthardwareinsanityclubbenchclockmasters.com gives you a clue as to what the website is about. Sheesh. :) HardwareFrogs is borderline. Anyway, trainwrecker has put up an article about upgrading to a GTS2 card.. "your computer will be faster and your wallet will be lighter" .. allrighty then. Actually, all testing for that article was done on an Asus P3V4X, so should be interesting. To be fair, here's a link to littlewhitedog and one to MagicTorch. What happened to that nude overclockers site? That was just plain weird.

Hmm, must be time for bed. :)

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