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Intel i815 Delayed? (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 2-June-2000  22:57:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Is this old news? Or big news? I can hardly tell these days.. :

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Intel Corp. has delayed the launch of its 815
or Solano chip set from June 5 until June 19, according to sources
close to the chip maker.

It is not yet clear whether the delay indicated a road map revision
or a technical flaw with the chip set. Lately, Intel has delayed
certain Xeon microprocessors to maximize yields and satisfy its OEM
customer base.

The 815, however, is seen as an important product release for Intel
because it mixes a native interface to PC133 SDRAM with the latest
performance-enhancing features that OEMs covet.

While the 815 is targeted at the low-end "value" segment of the PC
market, it will support both the 133-MHz front-side bus of the
Pentium III plus the 66- and forthcoming 100-MHz bus of the new
Celeron microprocessors that use Intel's Coppermine core. A source
confirmed that Intel is de-emphasizing support for the older,
0.25-micron Mendocino versions of the Celeron, long prized by
hobbyists that overclock the chips to faster frequencies.

A spokesman for Intel in Folsom, Calif., declined to comment on the
release date or specific features of the forthcoming chipsets, as
they have yet to be formally announced. He did say, however, that the
815 will support both the Celeron and Pentium III product families.

Intel has delayed two chip sets from June 5, the Intel 815 and the
Intel 815E. The latter differs from the 815 in that it uses the
second version of Intel's I/O Controller Hub, or ICH-2. According to
previously disclosed road maps, the ICH-2's key feature is its
inclusion of the ATA-100 storage interface.

However, no problems with the ICH-2 have been reported, and the first
new chip set to use the technology, a derivative of the existing
Intel 820 or Camino chip set, is still on track to launch on June 5,
sources reported. The Intel 820E, as it is called, uses an interface
to Direct Rambus memory.

I got it from a distributor, who got it from a contact inside a motherboard manufacturer..

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