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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 2-June-2000  23:08:46 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's no denying that Dremels are cool. I keep looking for things to hack to peices with mine.. I kinda get nervous using it though, I have visions of it twisting out of my hands and lopping an arm off.. anyway, if that's not your thing (the Dremel, not accidental amputation, that's nobody's thing) try these other tools on for size.

I finally got sick of Win2KPro's stupid internet connection sharing dying every few months and installed this instead, Analog-X, it's free, simple to install and works fine.. cool. Thanks to Sandman for pointing it out in the forums (ages ago now)

TE have a thing on Win2K vs WinME.. actually, something that really irritates me is the way MS is dumbing down all the operating systems. I mean, "Computers Near Me" is where you look for network devices? Give me a break, I wonder how many confused support calls that causes - it's hard enough trying to explain why people have to click on the "My Computer" icon .. "what..? click on YOUR computer? from here?" .. "No, where it says MY COMPUTER on the screen" .. "Yours?? But you're on a different floor?!" .. argh! Anyway, this is bugging me because I wasted a fair amount of time fiddling with network settings on my Win2K and a couple of Win98 boxes this evening (before installing Analog-X) .. stupid wizard things keep popping up, just let me change the freaking settings!


There should be a setting when you install an operating system .. "Do you know what the hell you're doing?" .. if you say yes, it doesn't install all the stupid wizards and autoconfiguration bollocks. I can use the disk space for other stuff, thanks Bill.

Ok, ok.. rant over.

Overclockin.com got their Celly2-533 to 852.. not bad at all.

Hmm, the IWILL VD133 Pro (Apollo Pro 133A mobo) looks pretty good, a review here on Overclockers.com, another on VIAHardware and another on HardwareCentral. What's so special about it? Well, onboard IDE RAID isn't something you see every day..

Another international contest, this time from PCHardware Romania. Go here and enter your details, maybe win a motherboard!

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