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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 16-June-2000  22:11:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

New box is coming along well, just compiling the kernel for SMP now.. :)

A bunch of people sent this in today.. finally, a guide to overclocking we can all understand, from JeffK of SomethingAwful.com. :) I can't decide if that guy makes me want to laugh or just hit things..

Another Taisol heatsink on ExtremeCooling.de (german) .. looks a LOT like the Globalwin FKK-50, hmm.

Another funky LCD Display for Linux here.. thanks Clonex!

A review of the CyrixIII / Samuel processor from VIA..

FiringSquad have reviewed the Leadtek GeForce2 GTS card.. this is the one with monster heatsink as stock.

HotHardware have checked out the KingMax TinyBGA ram.. this stuff is pretty common in Oz..

Interesting thing in the SMH about the completion of the Human Genome Project. They're finished now, but was it all hype?

This is just plain weird (and maybe a little freaky for the easily-disturbed among you) .. a cat with two faces ..

Back on topic, iXBT have their Monthly Hardware Roundup up.. an interesting (if lengthy) read as always.

Another steering wheel review, this time the PC GTO Wheel on GamingIn3D..

UGHardware have a thing on FSAA.. focussing on image quality, rather than performance.

A little more info on remarked Athlons at InsaneHardware..

In case you're wondering what to get me for Christmas (you can never start planning too early :) ) .. HardOCP have pics of 1GB PC133 SDRAM DIMMs ..

TweakMax have added Quake3 benchmarks to their CAS2 vs CAS3 article..

FiringSquad have managed to squeeze another FSAA article out.. this time, how it fares with a Thunderbird processor..

Heh, Sniper pointed this out.. look on BXBoards, scroll down a bit for the "Data Condom Technology" .. the product is really called that. :)

ThoughtShell have reviewed the Celly2 566..

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