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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 19-June-2000  22:29:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Got my freebie APC SurgeArrest powerboards today! Woo. A few people have been asking after them, just go read this thread that explains how to grab your own..

A couple of people sent in this link to a new database of faults, itsnotworking.com.. gotta love URL's with "snot" in them.

Some Duron info at CPUReview.

AMD have woken up to the fact that not making any more SlotA Thunderbirds would be a really bad idea.

Competition over at PCExtremes .. they ask what country you're in, so looks like it's open to international..

If I told you to go buy me a "Spressa", would you know it's an IDE CD-RW drive? No, you'd come back with a steaming cup of hot caffeine, wouldn't you?

GU have reviewed the Tornado 1000 midtower case..

Alpha FC-PAL35 reviewed on FrostyTech..

iXBT got their Celly2 667 to 1GHz.. and still think it's kinda sucky.

Hexus have an article, how to install a proxy in Linux..

Whenever I see these things I really want to write "someone's reviewed a pooper-scooper for the PC".. but that would be Bad. So, I won't. HardWarePros have reviewed the 2CoolPCPlus, an AIR scoop for your PC.. we checked one of these out a few months ago, quite useful.

For the Gothic look, try painting your monitor black.

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