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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 21-June-2000  23:32:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

On http://www.dollars.com.au, in the "Cool Tools" section, under "Financial Calculators", they have a GST Income Tax calculator, which shows you how the amount of income tax you pay will change when GST comes in on July 1. Very interesting. You have to enter your email address, but there's a "don't spam me" box..

Hmm, the Democrats are pushing for a complete overhaul of Australian data-casting laws.. cheers Andrew.

Another day, another Outlook security hole, another worm..

Another day, another GeForce2 GTS review, too. This time, the Creative Annihilator 2 on Guru3D.

FlyingSquid have previewed the Kyro video technology that HardOCP looked at a couple of weeks ago.

CTNews checked out the BIOStar M7MKE, KX133 mobo fer yer Athlon.

Cole3D hacked their Alpha so it could be mounted on a naked Athlon.

OCWorkbench checked out the K7T-Pro, something to stick your Duron into.

GU previewed BreakNeck a new fast-paced driving game..

TE checked out Download Accelerator, a peice of software that overclocks your net connection.. hmm. Seems to really work (surprised expression).

iXBT were unexcited about the Elsa Gladiac, pretty much a reference GeForce2 GTS video board.

OCMax are creeping ever closer to the magic 10,000 3DMark2000 points!

In-depth look at the x86 architecture on TweakMax.

TE have a thing on Internet Law..

New box goes on the net tomorrow, new box goes on the net tomorrow! ..providing Zip don't drop the ball. Might be able to move the forums over pretty soon.. hmm.

Damn! Forgot to eat dinner again. :)

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