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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 26-June-2000  23:41:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Optus have had another fibre cut in one of their major bearers (seems to happen about once a week to those guys) .. it's between Perth and Sydney, but most of their international traffic goes via Perth. So if things are acting strange, that's why. They say it'll be fixed at about 3am. I noticed the Perth oz.org server was being kicked out of the network pretty often..

PCInsight checked out the Rage Fury Pro 32MB Vivo .. not bleeding-edge, but a cheapish card with a few interesting options. In my experience ATI have always let themselves down with the drivers unfortunatley..

TE have reviewed the Plextor 12x/10x/32x CDRW.. it'll burn a CD before you've even decided what to put on it.

VIAHardware reviewed the Tekram S3-Pro Au, an Apollo Pro 133A, FC-PGA motherboard.

CPU-Burn's doing it. SysReview's doing it. Even iamnotageek.com's doing it. Doing what? Giving away FREE STUFF!

Before that next long car drive, print this out to settle any arguments.. thanks Jeremy.

Pacific Internet will be doing ADSL from July 1, apparently..

I really hate Andy Drake from BXBoards.. why? He has an unlocked P3-933 engineering sample. Lucky bastard. Now you hate him too..

They also have a KA7-100 review up.

Kurt pointed out this (german) article on Slockets for Socket-A chips. Had to happen eventually. Using babelfish, it seems to work better on AMD750 boards than KX133 boards.. but it's promising.

P1aGu3 advises that the Tyan Tiger 133, a dual Slot1 Apollo Pro 133A motherboard (and apparently quite a nice one) is now in Oz.. Chips'n'Bits got a shipment today and if you ring 1300 134833 they will tell you a local supplier.. I knew I shoulda kept that other P3-550E.. dang. :)

Part 3 of Mission Submersible is up on OCTools.. I dunno what happens though, because I'm damned if I'm going to wade through parts one and two again to discover 2 pages about them pouring something into a box and promising to do something interesting tomorrow.

This is apparently a funny pisstake of the GST ads video, but I've not seen it yet.

There's apparently a Asus V7700 review on ClubOC but I can't get to it.. maybe because of the Optus outage.

Review of some silver thermal paste here..

Durons, Thunderbirds and RAMBUS, oh my! All these get a mention in PCCritix's latest editorial..

Finally, HardwareCorner have a thingy up on cooling and clocking yer TNT2..

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