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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-June-2000  23:32:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I've been playing with a 128MB stick of Corsair CAS2 PC133 RAM over the last few days - Jim from Realtime Systems was kind enough to lend it to me. On the KA7 the results were quite frankly spectacular! A Sandra memory score of over 500..

Someone pointed out in IRC (I forget who, doh!) that you can now buy the potato-powered web-server .. [psst: it's a fake]

Monster case conversion here on OCShoot. We're not talking a couple of blowholes here, this is a full conversion to VapoChill..

LiquidCool.org (damnit, shoulda thought of that URL :) ) have reviewed the Hercules Prophet II, a GeForce2 GTS-powered video card.

PCPoopScoop have reviewed the AMD Thunderbird..

Big pics of a dual FC-PGA mobo here.. interesting how the Sandra benchmark says he's not running in SMP mode. Odd indeed.

The ArsMasters have updated their Recommended Systems Guide .. go dribble for a while. :)

WindowsME is incapable of making boot disks, apparently.. thanks Morgan.

Also from Morgan, an unverified memo saying RAM prices will be going waaaaay up soon.

Jonathan pointed out that even Intel admit that RAMBUS is stupidly expensive.

JSI are giving stuff away again..
some fairly cheapy coolers only, sadly.

FiringSquid have changed their minds, the AOpen GTS2 card doesn't suck anymore.

MicroSoft attempts to distract the entire western world from it's world takover plan by announcing a new programming language..

Not entirely sure what they mean (not read it fully yet) but IBM have invented some kind of memory doubling cache system..

The rampaging russians have reviewed the Creative GeForce GTS2 ..

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