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Thursday Night #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 29-June-2000  22:32:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The ArsMasters have a big article up on heatsink technology.. fairly introductory but worth a read as always.

PC-Roddin' will give you VD for free. Grrreeat. They also review the IWill VD-133, a slot1 Apollo Pro 133 non-A motherboard, but I dunno if that's related.

Apparently APC are giving away UPS's?! As if free SurgeArrests wasn't enough. I've not seen it, but a few people have said there's an ad in Australian PC Magazine for it.. oh well, can't hurt to go here, enter the code 48131K and see what turns up in the post this time..

AthlonOC have reviewed the Asus K7V..

More do-it-yourself copper heatsinks on FrostyTech..

It's always good to see a crappy case review to remember why you shelled out the big bucks for a good one.

Heh, www.expertsexchange.com has to be the most embarrassing domain name mistake.. link snarfed from the WebMonkey mailout.

FryingSpuds have a preview of the GeForce2 MX, the latest chipset from NVIDIA, which could well be an excellent cheapish video option..

Anand's reviewed the Intel i815 chipset..

Elsa Gladiac GTS2 reviewed on ChicksHardware..

Dan has reviewd an Acer Scanner which he quite likes, with a few caveats..

Version 4.0 of Opera, the "other" web browser, is out now. You can get it from Opera, but they seem to be unavailable, perhaps swamped with downloads.

iXBT have reviewed the Gigabyte GA-7ZM, a KT133 mobo for yer SocketA Thunderbirds and Durons..

New RAMBUS 2 - sucks twice as hard! Or perhaps not.

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