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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-July-2000  00:27:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Overclockers.com have some interesting info on the Asus A7V motherboard, perhaps something dodgy going on with configurations of it. Or perhaps not. Cheshire sent me this info earlier actually but I was too busy to really look into it.. [slaps forehead] ..sorry dude!

InsaneHardware have been on the red phone to Asus again, this time scoopage on upcoming video cards..

Some pretty severe grumpiness over at millisec.com, directed at HP/Agilent for their marketing strategy for their ArctiCooler..

Guru3D have updated their GeForce Tweak Utility..

A bunch of stuff submitted by you guys today, good stuff! Keep sending it in..

Morgan pointed out that overclocking has made an appearance in the User Friendly comicstrip.. spend some time going through their archives if you have time, some classic stuff in there.

Sniper650 sent a link to some interesting stuff on VR-Zone, reports of Intel soon releasing a 1.13GHz P3 "for enthusiasts" and the P4's special power requirements.. also scroll down, interesting pic showing a program that can (apparently) report the real core speed of a chip? Hmm.

This is very cool, Sciby sent it in - he's attacked a 486 chip and cracked it open, then photographed it under an electron microscope. Some amazing images..

MWP sent along an interesting link to a page of bandwidth comparisons.. see just how much faster a T1 is than a 56k, for example..

Another issue of ZZZ Online is out, usually some interesting stuff..

My brain started to wobble pretty severely about 2 paragraphs into it, but I found an interesting article on electronics-cooling.com (great site btw) about peltiers.. very technical, lotsa maths and stuff.. umm.. duuuhh.. [drools on keyboard]

Finally, some Sunday night funnies for you.. (ok, early Monday morning really) .. here ..thanks Bren!

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