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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-July-2000  00:02:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hmm, just had a fairly dodgy Indian meal.. .. uh-oh..

Well, the Edge Technology auction is definitely on. To whit, MGS have this page listing their auction details (Adelaide office/stock I believe), the Perth stuff seems to be going via Ross Auctions .. thanks Clonex and Adam! Anyone know the where's and when's for the Sydney stuff? Gotta be worth going along to check it out..

VIAHardware have a guide to the various VIA chipsets..

Hmm, a guide to building a box for BeOS..

Heh, flying bags and missing bags, it's all go with the new baggage system in Sydney airport.. thanks Andrew.

Abit have fired their last BX salvo, the BX-133 RAID..

New 4-in-1 drivers for VIA chipset users..

Register reports Intel's new bios flashing proggy works within windows, thanks Sniper..

Dan the Man reviews a digicam.. pretty good and pretty cheap!

BTW, all the stories you're reading about how some hacker nearly blew up a space shuttle - they're bollocks. If any of the "reporters" making up those stories actually READ the NASA press-release mailing list (which I've been on for about 8 years now, some very interesting stuff there) .. they'd know it was only a minor delay to some non-critical data. Of course, NASA may be covering up, too. They just reek of sensationalism, these stories..

Hexus.com have some info on some very funky sounding high-performance coolers for the overclocking market.. not much info actually, just teasers..

GPU3D have a review of the elsa gladiac.. this thing seems to be getting a fair bit of coverage lately..

Clonex also sent word of an ADSL trial that people can participate in.. not read much of it yet, probably some restrictions, worth checking out tho. Ooer, there's another one here.. I signed up for that one. Gimme ADSL!

FryingSpuds have a 1GHz shootout happening..

Ars have an interesting one up, converting michaelangelo's work to digital form..

Hempie has a FSAA vs T&L comparison..

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