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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 6-July-2000  21:18:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Woo, faster modems, thanks Timoid.

I don't know why some companies just can't be happy making good products.. they have to be pushy bastards as well. NVIDIA vs HARDOCP this time.. give 'em hell, Kyle!

Concepts sends word that GameDude in Brisbane have C2-566's for $240 .. I'll take his word for that being good..

Gigabyte GA-7VM gets reviewed here on AthlonOC.. this is a MicroATX SlotA board..

mr bill sends word that double-density CD info is up on AkibaPC..

BXBoards have a 10-stick PC133 SDRAM Roundup posted!

The ARS-Masters apparently have a Securing Win2K guide up, but I can't get to it at the moment..

Some cool case mods on HardwareCorner..

Interesting article on those flourescent multi-layer CD's on PCStats..

DrTom has a roundup of five i815 motherboards..

He also checked out the Gainward Expert GeForce2 GTS - lotsa fast mem makes it the fastest GTS2 card yet apparently, and it overclocks well too. Thanks to Clonex (and everyone else who sent the link) ..

I bet you were just thinking "Cor, I'd love to read another review of the 2CoolPC" .. well, Dan's the man who can, and he has written one. Only Dan could turn a review about a plastic scoop with a fan in one end into a comfy-chair-required experience.

TechDungeon has a newbie article on what SoftFSB is and what you can do with it..

OCShoot have a review of a 430W PSU from Enermax..

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