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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-July-2000  23:14:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A bit more info on the Perth Edge auction including a partial stock list.. thanks to.. (uuurrggh) .. whoever it was who pointed it out in IRC today. Sorry dude.

Speaking of which, at about 9pm on most days the IRC channel is jumpin' - you should drop in. Don't know how? Get yourself a copy of mirc (it's free) .. connect to an oz.org server (omen.perth.oz.org is good, as is aussie.sydney.oz.org, client.oz.org, greenbank.brisbane.oz.org - all good). Once you're connected, type /join #overclockers and there we are!

Hexus have some pretty wild water-cooling happening..

Not the newest board on the block, but still pretty strong, AthlonOC have reviewed the Epox EP-7KXA, which was the first KX133 board to hit the streets.

Interesting PC case on OCWorkbench, good for sticking your PC into your hifi/tv cabinet I guess..

More water-cooling action here on ClubOC..

Techwatch have reviewed the Asus V7100, that's a GeForce MX board..

Interesting GFD review on FrostyTech. Basically they say "We couldn't make it work at all". Hmm. This is odd - another powerplug-less GFD, like the NorthWind GFD2.0, which doesn't work on the KA7. I had the same problem with the NW.. on the KA7 AND K7V. KX133 incompatability with the powerplug-less design? Maybe..

Eyo have the PC150 KingMax in stock.. cool.

CPU-Overclockers UK will flog you a 1GHz Athlon for 220.00.. (yay, I can do the pound symbol now)

Guru3D have Updated their GeForce tweak utility..

More funky water-cooling, this time 2 CPU's and a GeForce2 .. cor.

Anand has checked out the FIC AZ-11, a SocketA board for yer Duron ron ron, yer Duron ron.

They also took a closer look at FSAA on the GeForce2.. new drivers make it better..

A bunch of P3-650E's put through the wringer on overclockers.com..

They also have another (seriously large, almost 175) bunch of coppermines in a reader FSB survey, interesting stuff indeed.

Dang, another weekend where I didn't do all the things I wanted to..

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