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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 21-July-2000  23:38:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TweakMax have checked out the Voodoo5 5500..

Sniper650 pointed the way to this very cool unlocking the Duron article on Tweakers.net.. Duron600 at 900MHz is not too bad at all.

iXBT have reviewed the Thunderbird 800MHz..

Rass sent word: Just got next month's APC magazine... page 127 there's a "link" to your site. .. woo, we're famous!

SysReview have checked out the Abit KA7-100, pretty much the sexiest SlotA motherboard around..

VIAHardware have put up part 3 of their guide to.. err.. VIA hardware.

TE have an article on the current competition to be the next mac gfx adapter..

Speaking of macs, the new PowerMac Cube is pretty sexy.. in a shiny-toaster kinda way. Apple really have to train their marketing people to stop saying things like "With its built-in Velocity Engine, the G4 processor reaches speeds of over one billion calculations per second. Humbling even the fastest Pentium III." ..about a 450MHz G4 machine. It makes it look like [a] they think we're stupid or they don't understand the technology properly. Ahh well. More info here on ZDNet, thanks Term..

Clonex pointed out that HardwareCentral have an interesting Seti article where they examine which CPU's are better for little-green-men hunting..

Want to make HalfLife / Counterstrike models? Netkills.com has some tips to get you started..

Iamnotageek.com have a 2-way thermal paste comparo..

Hmm, lotsa technical Duron info that seems to have been leaked to AthlonMB.com..

After the rant on HardOCP yesterday, there are some more articles about NVIDIA being Evil on the web.. here on GamingIn3D and here on InsaneHardware..

DangerousDan has a tale of woe involving RAID on his KA7-100 and some giant axlotls.

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