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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 24-July-2000  23:10:46 (GMT +10) - by Agg

^Wolfy^ took some pics of an interesting ducted heatsink he found inside some new Dell machines..

Dan the man has reviewed the Asus A7V.. SocketA mobo.

TweakTown have reviewed the AMD Thunderbird 700MHz..

Term sent word of an article on 3DFXGamers about PCI vs AGP..

Morgan sends word of a PCI card designed especially to run seti@home on an embedded linux system.. weird. Be warned, it might be a hoax.. (would anyone really buy a dedicated card to crunch seti units?)

PCRoddin have a review of the Guillemot Maxi Sound Fortissimo.. not a type of pizza but a sound card.

FreshlySqueezed have a Hercules Prophet MX review up..

ChicksHardware have updated their Case Mods Gallery.. don't forget we now have a Case Mods Forum here now, been quite busy since it came up a few days ago..

LiquidCool.org are giving away free games! No solitaire or minesweeper rubbish either..

Ooo, Flash 5 is out.. great news for all us modem users.. [cough]

We all live in a supersonic supercavitating submarine.. cor. Thanks JimX.

NetKills have a review of the Microsoft Wireless Wheel Mouse up..

OCWorkbench have reviewed the Cyrix III 533MHz..

PCCritix have reviewed the ASUS CUBX..

The ArsMasters have put up their thoughts about Diablo II..

PCInsight have reviewed the Abit KA7.. KX133 for your Athlon, of course..

Iamnotageek have reviewed the Enlight EN7230 case..

Interesting thing on the P3 vs Athlon battle, Intel are apparently shrinking the P3 to .13 micron soonish.. apparently they are looking at a 200MHz bus for these later P3's.. hmm!

Overclockzone is another new hardware site, they have some watercooled peltier action happening..

FiringSquad also have a K7T Pro review up..

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