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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 26-July-2000  21:02:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Term sent word that the register have announced sample Sledgehammer silicon shipping.. quick quote: AMD's 64-bit processor, which maybe should be codenamed Iceberg if Intel's chip does turn out to be the Itanic, will not require massive operating system and application software porting exercises... hehe.

Wandering around, I discovered that SlotA.com's Athlon Motherboard List now contains 120 motherboards.. wow.

I dunno, some guys will complain about anything, as this [H]OCP forum thread shows..

Win2K owners will be happy, there are new Creative drivers for NVIDIA-based cards, and Leith pointed out that you can get full (not pre-release or beta) Voodoo5 drivers for Win2k here..

TweakMax have been on a quest for the perfect peltier.. quite an interesting article.

TE have reviewed the AOpen 8x4x32 CDRW drive..

Turns out the Seti Accelerator card was a hoax after all. Dang. Thanks TheGibbon.

You already knew that integrated motherboards suck, right? Well, tech-junkie will tell you why they suck, and why you don't want one.

Doesn't seem to be working for me, but Shaun sent word that there is a fake Star Wars Episode II ad up on AdCritic.com..

ExtremeOC have some tasty lasagna action..

Ooooo.. MSI have released the specs for a new motherboard, this looks like being the first to support DDR266 memory..

Some good news for Savage4-based video card owners, Rizenet have some info on new drivers, finally..

OCShoot have some GeForce Tweaking info..

iXBT have reviewed the Chaintech CT-6OJV motherboard.. this is an i815-based Socket370 unit which, according to them is not very cool for overclocking..

Hmm, Michael sends word that "I have found a bug in directX 8.0 (beta) when installed on windows98 1st ed. The bug causes the system to halt when running sounds (wav or midi files). Reinstalling directX 8.0 or sound card drivers do not resolve the problem. However the good news is that directX 8.0 (beta) works fine on windows98 2nd ed.".. something to keep in mind.

InsaneHardware have some updated Itanium info up..

PCScoop have checked out my favourite Athlon motherboard, the Abit KA7-100..

The monster new card cooler is reviewed on OCTools..

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