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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 28-July-2000  00:20:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I've done a little forum shuffling tonight. There's a new forum, "Vendor Verdicts", which is where you can vent your angst or sing the praises of a shop or someone you bought something from. A few people have asked for this recently, seems like a good idea as the trading forums very busy. To tidy it up a bit I have put the "Trading Forum", "What/Where Should I Buy" and "Vendor Verdicts" forums together under a little heading of their own, "Shop & Swap". Feedback welcome as always.

Clonex sent word that Telstra may be offering Flat-Rate $65 DSL..

Mat sent word of this article on 2CoolTek.. how NOT to do a case mod..

Don't forget, if you're after a RadPad there's a bulk purchase happening in the forums..

Imagine if there was a way you could download movies like you can MP3's.. well, there is - it's called DiVX and SysReview wanna tell you all about it..

HardwareAvenue have a quick article on different 'net connection technologies.. fairly basic stuff.

Funky water-cooling action on BPT HQ..

More modified bridges over trouble Durons stuff, this time on AthlonOC.com.

The ArsMasters have their more-or-less-monthly hardware roundup up..

Micron are predicting higher memory prices.. they always say that!

Hypothermia have NVIDIA admitting strong-arm tactics on webmasters.. NVIDIA BAD!

Dan has checked out a Cheapish AOpen GeForce2 GTS..

Gaming3D have a Case Cooling Guide..

InsaneHW have info on the mysterious dipswitch settings for Asus's A7V SocketA mobo..

If that wasn't enough, OCUK have a full review of the Asus A7V, too..

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