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Sunday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 30-July-2000  21:24:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The KA7 forum has been renamed to "AMD Hardware" .. not that you can't discuss AMD stuff in the other forums of course, but it opens that forum to other Athlon boards and of course now Durons etc..

On that note, JimX has posted some monster memory figures on his Epox EP-7KXA.. not quite topping my KA7 results, but not bad at all!

Zobie pointed out a site which attempts to dispel myths in the PC vs Mac debate.. very interesting reading.

Ripper pointed out that Win2K Service Pack 1 is out now.. 83.2MB!

PCStats have checked out the Gigabyte 6OXM7E motherboard.. fc-pga, i815e.

Hypothermia has an interview with Robert Duffy from Id Software..

TweakTown have some info on Dead Durons.. mostly regurgitated from other sites, but they do point out an interesting AMD page listing approved Duron coolers.

Well, they did it to a GeForce SDR, then a GeForce2, and now they show how to hack your GeForce2 MX into a Quadro MX..

Reaper sent along a link stolen from HardOCP.. neato conductive pen that lets you draw traces onto components..

Alan sent in something that's pretty old but I'd forgotten about it and a lot of you guys mighta missed it before.. the Bitchin'Fast!3D video card.. :) While you're at it, remember our Voodoo5 9000 from months ago? Doesn't seem all that far-fetched now.. :)

AthlonMB have checked out the Asus A7V SocketA mobo..

InsaneHardware have a pic-fest happening, about their FIC factory tour in Taiwan. Some interesting stuff there, the site seems to be v.slow at the moment tho..

Jim from Realtime sent this along, seems to be a minor incompatability prob with Corsair RAM on an Intel mobo: The Intel D815 motherboard has 3 DIMM Slots. It can support 3 - Single Sided PC100 DIMMs or a maximum of 2 Double Sided PC133 DIMMs. This board does not suport ECC, and today we found that it does not suport the PC133, CAS2 module. This is probably a BIOS problem. We have contacted Intel andare currently waiting for a response. We will keep you updated.

If you think the RIAA are uncool for suing Napster, consider signing this petition..

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