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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-August-2000  23:35:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dan The Man Who Can has a huge guide to sticking coolers on your cpu's without doing anything silly like, for example, breaking important, expensive bits off them.

Komson has his P3-500E @ 995MHz.. work it out, that's 199MHz FSB and almost a 100% overclock.. far out.

VIAHardware have checked out the DFI CS65 815E motherboard..

TechWatch have reviewed the LiteOn FS020 case.. big fans!

Guru3D have reviewed the Gigabyte GeForce2 GTS card..

Microsoft are ramping up their efforts to stop piracy of their products..

TweakMax have some case mods happening.. that first HX08 looks wicked.

TE have some info on the new "pumped up Crusoe" chip..

PCCritix compare the Duron and P3..

I'm not sure what happened just before this photo was taken, but I bet it was really loud..

G3D have a guide to making a keychain from a retail HSF unit .. umm, drill hole, run chain, attach keys?

This is Bad. A judge has ruled that source code is not speech and therefore is not covered by free speech laws.. this is a Bad Thing, trust me.

Electic.com have a couple of interesting links.. an analysis of Intel's P4 platform roadmap, and a comprehensive study of RDRAM (on i840) vs DDR SDRAM..

GideonTech have a case painting guide..

JSIHardwar have checked out the Chaintech 7AJA motherboard, KT133..

GAHardware have an interview with a Matrox person..

Adrian claims to have the Difinitive BF6 Review.. good for him.

Something we always knew (or said, anyway) .. video games may be good for you..

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