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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-August-2000  22:53:42 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Don't forget to go cast your vote about registration in the forums.

PCRoddin have checked out the Elsa Gladiac 64MB DDR..

FlamingSquirrels have reviewed the ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon..

Now this is just bizarre. A mouse that does force-feedback based upon the surface it's on.. umm, hard to explain. Here's a quote: "Run this computer mouse over an image of a tennis racket and it gives a series of small twitches, as if hitting the racket's hard plastic cords. Guide the iFeel MouseMan mouse over a picture of an ice cube, and it seems to glide more smoothly across the middle."

ClubOC have some copper heatsink action happening..

TE have checked out the MS Internet Keyboard Pro..

Interesting interview on ChicksHardware with the founder of Red Hat, Linux distributors..

BXBoards reviewed the Iwill KV-200-R Socket A RAID motherboard..

TweakMax have reviewed the Mushkin CAS2 PC133 SDRAM.. CAS2 @ 160MHz is impressive indeed.

NeoSeeker have a review of the Globalwin FanDuct.. this seems to be the duct that's included in the "Plus" version of the VOS-32, by itself. Hmmm..

GA-Hardware have reviewed the MadKatz Panther XL Joystick..

TechWatch have checked out the Digital Doc, a funky little monitoring gadget that sits in a 5.25 bay..

PCMech have a guide to Upgrading your PC.. quite comprehensive from first looks, might be good for pointing those annoying relatives at.. :)

They also have some info on software piracy..

InsaneHardware have checked out a Quantum Atlas V, Ultra160 SCSI HDD..

Manaz dropped a quick note: You may remember that I had a Celeron2-566 running @ 850MHz, 2.0v on an IWill Slocket II. I now have it running @ 850MHz, 1.8v on an Abit Slocket III. It appears that there may be some truth to the rumours I've been hearing about the IWill Slockets having shitty voltage settings.... - something to consider if you're having probs.

iXBT have reviewed the AOpen MK33 mobo.. this is a KT133 board without much in the way of overclocking..

More interesting bits of fluff in the latest issue of ZZZ Online..

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