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Thursday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-August-2000  21:57:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Interesting pics on Akiba (japanese text), new ALi DDR266 mobo. Seems to be in 2 separate PCB's connected with some kind of proprietary connector.. weird. The AGP slot is raised too.. is this going to need some kind of special case?

Dan has checked out some Dirt Cheap Digicams..

The GeForce->Quadro page has been updated, some info on maybe a similar hack for turning your TNT2 Vanta / TNT2 into a TNT2 M64 / TNT 2 Ultra..

Spode has a review of a Drive Silencer.. quietens your HDD, but the cost is greater heat.

JSI, however, have a drive cooler from CoolerMaster..

G3D have reviewed some Koss Headphones.. I've got a pair of Koss StudioPro/4 AAA Plus's that have lasted me for about 6 years now, very nice headphones. I think my next pair will be some Sennheisers, though..

Intel are still not game to commit to Rambus.. Andrew points out that their 870 server chipset will support DDR SDRAM and RAMBUS..

InsaneHardware have some interesting shots of a Serial ATA drive..

TechReport have a CPU Heat Dissipation table thingamajig.

PCMonkey have some info on a new browser in the making, called K-Meleon..

NeoSeeker have checked out a new ATA-100 controller card from IWill..

Guru3D have reviewed the Corsair CAS2 PC133 SDRAM.. here's our recent review for comparison..

TweakTown have a review of the FIC AZ11 happening.. this is a SocketA, KT133 mobo for your Tbird or Duron..

Another SocketA board on PCRoddin, they have the Asus A7V..

HardAvenue have checked out the Leadtek GeForce2 GTS video card.. nice graphs. :)

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