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Tues Morn - Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 29-August-2000  11:42:52 (GMT +10) - by YYK


I watched American Psycho (which was terrible… go and read the book… it’s much more … disturbing), High Fidelity (which was pretty good… go and read the book… it’s much more … enriching), and Road Trip (pretty funny… but thank god there’s no book)

Anyhow, researchers are absolutely shocked… They're passing huge amounts of solids when they found out that users on the internet use fake email accounts… OH MY LORD!!!

Here’s a new way to get a job in the IT world. Write a virus, cause huge amount of global damage. That’s what Mr. Love Bug did…

The all knowing Murdoch jr., not the one with the tattoo, says that you better start learning Hindu, cause English is not going to be the “dude” on the net for long.

Why did the fridge cross the internet? Or should that be, what do you get if you cross a fridge with the internet?

Wanna buy a satellite? How about 88? The ongoing sad saga of Iridium continues…

Speaking of sad stories, Syndey Airport, yes, the one in the Olympic city, is still having problems… But don’t worry they have 17 days to fix it… lucky we have competent people working on the Olympic management team!

Speaking of the sad case of the Olympics. You can get kicked out of the Olympics, for wearing the wrong t-shirt. So here’s the plan: let’s give one to every tourist at Sydney airport, tell ‘em it’s an aussie thing!

Adrian showed me a site that states Cthulhu is not evil, just misunderstood.. riiight….

Rom countered back, screaming inanely “I see your Cthulhu and raise you… Pikathulhu! I chose you!” Or something like that... Is it just me or people are upping their crazy dosage?

Jade told everyone to stop fighting cause she’s an aussie and we all know that aussies are tops. Ooooh… This is gonna hurt in the forums!

Joe tells be that the list of the 50 least most influential movies is inaccurate as it cites a movie with Mr. T in it. Um… ok…. Set phasers to kill…

He then pointed me to an interesting article where awoman got kicked off a site for having the wrong name.

Apparently the gals of London want to have a bath with Ronan and the guys want Britney. Of course I would want to have a bath with… YOU!

Sick of people dissing your Windows box? Want to know the real truth about Linux? Do you hate lamers talking about Linux when they have no idea? No? Ok…. Fine!

I’ve heard the rumours but apparently
a film version of this great English sci-fi comedy is in the works. London's
Evening Standard paper reports that Director Ed Bye has signed on to helm the film slated to begin production around May next year for an Easter 2002 release. Charles Armitage, chairman of Grant Naylor Productions has revealed he's aiming to get all the original cast members back for the film - Craig Charles (Lister), Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Robert Llewlyn (Kryten) but could depend upon their availability

Oh and if you’re Sydney, make sure you go and check out the Dead Sea Scrolls…

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