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Wed Morning - Rise and Shine Everyone! (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-September-2000  09:32:49 (GMT +10) - by YYK


It seems that real answer to question, “why the cauldron stopped” was due to a very small switch. I feel this is a much more plausible answer than the crackpot, I mean psychic.

We can now move into the ISS. The yanks have just put in stuff that we need, they have a toilet, oxygen generator, vacuum cleaner, treadmill, and 2.7 tons of food

People in Perth will have ADSL available for them. But it’s capped. Yuk!

SOCOG has told Triple J to stop streaming. This is due to Olympic content in its broadcasts

Intel’s getting peeved at Italians who overclock their processors

If you are a BigPond customer, you might have a virus problem:
Dear BigPond Customer,

It has been recently discovered that a virus has been spreading itself between customers on the BigPond network and has been responsible for increased traffic and performance degradation on some customer's service. The name of the virus is "qaz trojan" or "qaz worm" and it propagates around the network through shared hard drives.

Investigations from our logs reveal many Melbourne and Sydney customers have already been infected, and complaints from Brisbane customers are on the increase.

Accusations that MS rigged their own poll so that Windows beats Linux as the best O/S. But of course they deny it.

The Internet, which was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, might be taken down by a few hundred computers, “bummer” says programmer.

RIAA is hitting back on mp3 downloaders, as police seize a computer from Oklahoma State U student.

Qualcomm’s CEO is very worried as his laptop was stolen at a conference

If you live in the UK, and have five quid, you have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a lot of land on the moon.

A Japanese man is going around confiscating women’s panties… We’ll just leave it at that.

Off for a quick surf now~

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