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Late Friday Night.... (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 23-September-2000  00:33:34 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Another BIG news night. Lots going on in the world of computer hardware and overclocking at the moment it would seem. News of reviews grouped together at the bottom of tonight's post....

Ever wondered what your case would look like if you put LOTS of holes in it? Strange1 shows us in the Case Mod forum...

Case Modders Australia, run by IRC and forums regular Junkz, has opened - as you might have guessed, it's an Australian site dedicated to case mods.

Kadzy, a regular in the #overclockers channel in IRC (you can find us on the oz.org network) has a new business, called Desert Computers. Pay cash for your purchase and you get a 10% discount on their regular prices. Mention you came from this site and you'll get an ADDITIONAL 5% off the regular price. Can't complain about that!

JWR pointed out that Intel's stock price fell by 20% recently - Intel claim it's "primarily due to weaker demand in Europe". Nothing to do with AMD's success, of course. The report is here.

In other processor related news, Via have released a roadmap, including plans for the successor to the, shall we say "less than spectacularly successful" Samual processor. ViaHardware have information, here.

Guru3D have news of Gigabyte's new Socket-A (Athlon/Duron) motherboard, featuring ATA-100 RAID - the GA-7ZX. The link's on their main page.

The Register, our favourite and most trusted IT news site, is reporting that the next breed of Celerons may skip 100MHz FSB and go straight to a 133MHz FSB. Thanks for Clonex for the heads-up! :)

GA-Hardware are reporting that nVidia, along with supplying the graphics chip for Micrsoft's X-Box, are also supplying the controller chipfor the console, and they have some information up about it.

Have you ever wondered if you could take the fan out of your power supply, to reduce noise, and still keep it cool. Now you can. Hmmm, mains power and... well, have a look and see.

Overclockers Shootout have tested a few more heatsinks, and added them to their CPU Cooler Section.

Now for the reviews.

There's an A7V review at HardCOREware.
Gamers Depot have a review of the MSI Starforce 816 GeForce2 MX video card.
Maximum PC have reviewed Arctic Silver Thermal Paste.
Scott from Club Overclocker has reviewed the FusionCool II "Quad Cooler" - a radiator for water cooling setups, fitted with no less than four (4) 120mm fans.
Extreme Overclockers have reviewed the In-Win S500 case.

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