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Tuesday Night, storms in Sydney (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 26-September-2000  23:32:22 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Be careful guys, it's been proven that lightning and computer equipment don't mix....

Speaking of things not mixing, it seems that Gary from PC Scoop and a 600MHz Duron didn't mix - check out the details (and also the successful attempt at overclocking with a replacement Duron) here.

CPUReview have looked at the benefits of upgrading from a "classic" model 500MHz Slot-A Athlon to a 700MHz Slot-A "Thunderbird". Can you get the performance of a new model Athlon without having to upgrade your motherboard? Find out here. For a more detailed comparison of SlotA chips, check out Agg's recent SlotA Showdown.

Worried that someone's listening in on your "top secret, highly confidential" electronic and voice communications? Are they *really* out to get you? Mitsibishi Electric may have the answer to your (paranoid) prayers. An interesting read even if you're not a conspiracy theorist. :)

Dan reviews a 12v neon light for inside your PC case. And then hooks up a plasma ball to his PC's power supply as well. And considers 12v car accessories. Only Dan could get away with this...

Next time you consider bugging your system administrator at work, remember back to reading this article on MaximumPC. It's only short, but I've got a feeling he's got a LOT of material to work with. I work as a sys-admin myself, this stuff DOES happen.

Rizenet have reviewed the MSI StarForce 816 video card, a GeForce2 based card which a lot of people are comparing to the Hercules Prophet II....

Flying Spuds (I don't think enough of you would know what a Spod is.... hmmm, I'm strange, just accept it, mmkay?) have an interesting article up about choosing a video card for a low/mid-range (sub 600MHz) PC.

The Adrenaline Vault have posted a 3-way mousepad roundup.

Last (but certainly not least), Jim from Realtime systems informs us that they have a special on Corsair RAM. Prices are listed on their page. Corsair is HIGH quality RAM, so get it while the getting's good people!

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