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Sunday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 1-October-2000  10:00:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Robin sent a link to this twin-fan 550W PSU, Athlon approved and everything!

TweakMax have some mind-wobbling Sandra memory scores.. even (just) beat my own record.. bah! Curiously, his machine is at 100MHz FSB, not really overclocked.. using the KT7, SocketA version of the KA7 which I used to set my scores. Gotta hand it to Abit for performance tweakability..

Hexus reviewed the CoolerCase Extreme-XS.. a total of 514CFM of airflow.

They also checked out the GlobalWin FOP-38.. socket cooler.

G3D reviewed the DangerDen water-cooling block..

JSI reviewed the Duron 700..

PCReview checked out the Asus V7700 video card.

Hmm, TomsHardware has put up a bunch of interesting stuff that I didn't notice before. Quickly: a FireWire vs USB comparo for mass storage, an Asus A7V overclocking/tuning guide, a look at AGP Pro slots and a comparo of Intel vs AMD for MPEG-4 video creation..

ChicksHardware have a AMD vs Intel at 1GHz article..

The latest issue for the community to band together and feel grumpy about is the whole CueCat thing. Give something free to people, violate their privacy, encrypt it so weakly and secure the data so poorly that it's (of course) hacked into and (probably) sold to Bad People. Panic, sue everybody. Next to happen, hopefully, is that they discover it's very hard to sue someone for misuse of something you gave to them for free.

New version of MBM is out.. v5 beta 2.6. I don't really like the v5 interface, I prefer v4.18 for now..

Wow, a Star Trek game that doesn't COMPLETELY suck..

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