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Mon Morn - Feeling like Crap (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 2-October-2000  13:52:49 (GMT +10) - by YYK

Stanford Uni would like to ask you to do Folding@Home, same concept as things like Seti@Home, but this time its to understand how proteins self-assemble.

In a strange, yet oh-so-very-amusing, coincidence, Scott asks everyone to do Yeti@Home.

Do you have a third nipple? If so, your worry is over! Now you can care for it, till your hearts content! Thanks again to Scott.

Are you a 4-year-old kid in New Zealand and want to play with your pretend gun? If so, now you will need a license? Forget about fleeing in your pretend car, cause the pretend police will nab ya!

Agg, in his infinite wisdom, wouldn’t mind if we all went here. Why? You ask? Who are we to question those so much wiser than us mere mortals.

In a move that strangely reminds me of numerous Simpsons episodes, NBC has decided to make a surviour-esque show on Mir.

It seems that some people are distributing porn through their mobile. Sounds strange? Well let me just utter the phrase that will make it all logical. “Only in Japan”

In Paris, gangs are roaming the streets with “attack monkeys”, but not all, only the very chic. Can anyone say “Ebola virus”?

In a move that moves Roe vs. Wade into the home, RU-486 has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Here’s how to make Star Wars origami, thanks to "JC"

In case anyone was interested, “darkstar” has sent in a site that explains those pesky web-bugs. Many thanks!

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