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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-October-2000  10:53:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Tweakerinos have blue orbs.. the poor dears. Pretty cool looking actually, and they test it on a few different chips/chipsets..

G3D reviewed the MSI KT7 Pro.. SocketA, KT133.

PCMech have an article on the history of BX, the grand-daddy of motherboard chipsets. 2 years on it's still the king in terms of memory throughput.

The GeForce Tweak Utility has been updated.

Hexus have done a bit of jumping up and down about the whole Radeon speed thing.. just be aware that the Retail boards use faster memory than the OEM ones.

Or, if you'd prefer life a little further back from the bleeding edge, CPUBurn's review of a GigaByte GeForce256 SDR may be more the go..

Seen this before but Vortron reminded me about it - the PVC case (scroll down for pics) with surely the biggest fan ever mounted in a case..?

Dan reviewed the Acer FP350 LCD screen.. seems to have similar issues as the Acer F51 I reviewed a couple of months ago.. ie: poor image quality, high price.

CypherPunks will be interested to learn that lot of Colossus information has been declassified. This is the machine the Brits used to crack Nazi communications and changed the course of WWII.

Interesting (long) article here about some futuristic aircraft designs, an unmanned helicopter that can (maybe) fly for 48 hours, ways of suppressing a sonic boom etc.. thanks Sam!

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