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Thursday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-October-2000  11:43:36 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Have you voted for OCAU in the Grudge Match today? :)

I guess the big news for today is that Quantum and Maxtor are merging their HDD manufacturing businesses into a single company called Maxtor Corporation. Quantum Corp will continue making tape drives etc. Anyone else remember when Conner was inhaled by Quantum? :) UPDATE: Ahh, well done to everyone who spotted my (ahem) deliberate mistake. It was, of course, Seagate who inhaled Conner.

Tweaktown reviewed the 2CoolPC Turbo. Just like the old 2CoolPC, but with a bigass 60CFM fan..

TheRegister revieal that the P4's yields are not good..

IANAG.com reviewed the QDI KinetiZ 7T, cheapy SocketA mobo.

Mike sent word of a very cool article - how to Join two ATX PSU's together.. so when one turns on, the other one does too. Great for overloaded systems.

IWill have entered the SocketA, KT133 motherboard market and Anand have reviewed their first offering..

ExtremeOC reviewed a couple of proggies for dial-up users, Modem Booster and Stay Connected..

A bunch of cooler tests collected here on OCShoot.. fairly brief info on each but good to see them all in once place..

PCReview checked out a coolermaster Heat Pipe cooler. Chunky indeed.

Hexus have a guide to making a BayBus.. fan controller, temp monitor etc. Theirs is pretty cool looking actually..

A guide on PCMech to backing up Windows without doing the whole HDD. Little batch file that copies all the important stuff somewhere else.

PCi reviewed the Soyo SY-7VCA motherboard.. Socket370, Apollo Pro 133A.

InsaneHardware pointed out some Linux guys building a wireless WAN in Canberra using old Galaxy Pay-TV satellite dishes.. far out. :) 2MB/s over the airwaves is pretty cool.

PCRoddin reviewed the Belkin Regulator Pro 650, a UPS..

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