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Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-October-2000  10:47:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Don't forget, the voting for the TShirt Design Comp and the Case Badge Design Comp close at Midnight TONIGHT! So if you haven't voted yet, go vote! If you voted in the Case Badge one, please check if your vote is there and re-vote if it's missing.. as UBB had a bit of a Failure To Cope.

HDM is hooking up some cheap Eheim water-pump prices apparently, hmm - been looking to replace my RIO @#$%##$ for a while now.

I think most of you have already seen this, but for those who haven't - here's an article on using CPU heat to distill alcohol .. :) Thanks Slurry Dog.

Wolfy put pics of his systems into the Case Mods forum. Not as dramatic as some we've seen but pretty cool nonetheless..

[FJ]Nitro pointed out that Tech-Report reviewed the FrontX Multimedia Ports.. he rightly says Its kinda like the live drive, except you don't have to spend $400 on a Live Platinum :D

HardAvenue have reviewed the Kanie Hedgehog Copper HSF unit..

Adrian has a fairly basic budget water-cooling article up..

Sean said I bought some pc100 kingmax ram a little while ago... Yesterday I bought
some hyundai pc133 ram. Got the hyundai stuff because intel has tested it
with their chipsets and its all good, and I want to upgrade to an asus culs2
board... kingmax has some apparently dodgy ram going around. Well go figure,
I looked at the chips on the kingmax stick when I got home, and it had an
almost identical set of serial #'s on the chips as the hyundai pc133 ram.
Infact the only difference was the final letter in the serial number, pc100
kingmax final letter was an a, pc133 hyundai was a b.. So I'm assuming
kingmax do, or did use hyundai as their chip supplier?

If thats the case, then any kingmax ram with hyundai chips should be some
pretty good quality.

Hmm.. from what KingMax have told me, they use Micron wafers but make the chips themselves (hence their TinyBGA chips) .. what Sean has observed may only apply to their older PC100 stuff. Still, might be worth trying to crank it up if you have some of their older stuff.. as if you haven't already! :)

FrostyTech have an article on dust in your PC and what to do about it. I dunno how many times I've had people bringing their home PC's into work to be "fixed".. quick strip & clean of the CPU heatsink/fan and the lockups and reboots are magically fixed..

There's a bunch of interesting registry tweaks over on PCMech.

ProCooling have a review of the AOpen HX45A minitower.. this website is served to you by a machine living in one of those cases. :)

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