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Thursday evening - BIG news night...... (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 20-October-2000  00:05:34 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Firstly, no less than five people emailed me to tell me what "Rojak" is - thanks guys. I think this link, on the site itself, and pointed out by Tim, explains it best. Thanks guys! :)

The Financial Times website is running an article about Intel and RAMBUS, in which Intel Chief Executive Craig Barrett admits that "In retrospect, it was a mistake to be dependent on a third party for a technology that gates your performance." (ie RAMBUS).

There's only one week left for you to enter Insane Hardware's Mad and Insane Giveaway. The winners list in the "Useless Junk Giveaway" is here. Furthermore, they've got the scoop on Asus' upcoming graphic card lineup.

Tarrasque pointed out that [H]ard|OCP have a (p)review of the ABIT VP6 motherboard. Lots of interesting information and benchmarks for you all to examine and evaluate.

Maximum3D have posted a review of the Nascar Pro Digital 2 racing wheel, and posted the next part of their "Tales of Woe" series.

XOverclocker have managed to get a 600MHz Duron to 1160MHz - the link is on their page (they use frames, so I can't link directly to the article without "breaking" their site).

Apparently (a la Microsoft, with Hotmail), Adobe Systems let their domain, adobe.com, lapse, and a Chinese resident has snapped it up, as a joke against ICANN. More details are available here, on the Fairfax IT website. Thanks to Andrew for pointing this one out.

Daily humour time. Clonex sent us this and this. Knowledge of Australian politics will help here....


Ars Technica have posted a review of the Compaq iPaq 3650/30 PocketPC.

FiringSquad has just posted a new review of the Logitech iFeel force feedback MouseMan. It's a vibrating mouse. If that does it for you (or you're just curious), head on over there and see what it's all about....

"Little bitty ones. Even smaller oblong ones. 74 minute ones. 80 minute ones. 99 minute ones that hardly anybody can use."Confused? Scared? Don't worry, it's just Dan (from Dans Data) talking about some unusual CD-R discs that he's had a look at....

Tom's Hardware have looked at the 32MB SDR version of the ATi Radeon card, and how it compares to the Voodoo4-4500 and GeForce2 MX based cards in the "performance on a budget" graphics card market....

CDRInfo have reviewed the Plextor PleXWriter W1210S CD-R/W drive.

TechWatch have reviewed Mushkin EMS PC-150 HSDRAM.

BootMax have reviewed the BTC 5113RF Wireless Multimedia Keyboard.

Guru3D have done a review of the ATi Radeon 64MB DDR video card.

GA-Hardware have done a review on the VideoLogic Vivid graphics card.

The guys down at HEXUS.net have done a review of the Kanie Hedgehog 238M heatsink, tested it with 2 different fans, and compared it to a few other heatsinks as well, to see which ones comes out on top....

FrostyTech have reviewed the Enermax 431W ATX PSU.

PC Hardware have reviewed the Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers.

UK Gamer have posted a review of the Fragmatic Precision Mousing Surface.

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